Are you longing for a simpler life?

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Join me on my homestead adventures as my family focuses on turning our 41 acres into the homestead of our dreams.

Whether you have a city lot or hundreds of acres you can have the homestead of your dreams too!

Who is Jamie?

Hi! I am Jamie; a mom, wife and everyday person who strives for the essentials in life. My goal is to get back to the basics by turning our family’s 41 acres into the homestead of our dreams!

 I am all about hanging clothes on the line, filling up mason jars for winter, milking goats & living a frugal life.  I try to lead a simple life as I encourage others along the way.

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Cleaning Naturally

The majority of household cleaners contain toxic chemicals.  Did you know YOU CAN have a clean home without the toxins? Here is a list of the supplies I like to have handy when making my homemade cleaners.  A bonus is you can save money when you buy these items in...

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How to Host a Gaudy Wine Party

Looking for a fun, cheap and easy way to entertain friends? I have the perfect suggestions for you wine drinkers! A GAUDY WINE PARTY!! What is a gaudy wine party, you might ask?? It is the perfect excuse to drink lots of wine and dress up in your wild and most...

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Crazy Easy Goat Cheese

You will not believe how easy this homemade goat milk cheese is to make!  Thankfully you can make small batches and don’t need a ton of goat milk.  Right now I am milking only one doe and she gives me about one pint each morning.  Hopefully this Spring I will be...

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Meal Plan 101

Mom…..what’s for supper??  I bet that sounds familiar! I know it used to in my house.  But I fixed that problem by meal planning.  Each week I look through my cabinets, deep freeze and refrigerator to see what I have to work with.  Then I sit down with a glass of wine...

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My Week in Pictures 10.24.16

It had been 6 months since I was last able to hug my oldest, Rebekah.  Six months is easy!  I once went 19 months without seeing her… THAT IS HARD!!  She is now stationed state side so hubby and I were able take a long weekend and make the 13 hour drive to visit...

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My Week in Pictures 10.3.16

I heard that many of the apples we buy at the grocery store are 1 year old!!  WHAT?!?  I mean seriously who wants to eat 1 year old apples?  That is why I drove an hour to the Apple Orchard.  In about 15 minutes of picking I was able to get 37 pounds of apples for...

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6 tips to Save Money on Clothes

Organize your closet When your closet is packed to the brim it is hard to know what exactly you have in there!  Get rid of clothes that don’t fit or you don’t wear.  Now that everything is cleaned out and organized you will be able to see and wear what you have....

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My Week in Pictures 9.26.16

Every afternoon at 4:30 I let the goats out of their pen so they can free range for an hour or so.  They enjoy their time eating fallen pears off the tree, munching on the leftovers in the garden and gobbling up dried leaves and grass.  Daisy is the leader of this...

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10 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Diffusers, diffusers, diffusers…… I LOVE them!  I have diffusers running all throughout my house and love experimenting with different blends.  I want to share with you 10 of my favorite diffuser blends. Before you start diffusing there are a couple things...

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