• Organize your closet

When your closet is packed to the brim it is hard to know what exactly you have in there!  Get rid of clothes that don’t fit or you don’t wear.  Now that everything is cleaned out and organized you will be able to see and wear what you have.


  • Think “Do I really need this?”

Most people have WAY more than they need.  I have to admit I have more shirts than I need.  But I have 2 pairs of blue jeans and that is all I need.  I wear the same pair over and over until I wash them. By not washing them all the time I am extending their life and my bank account.

Before you make it to the cash register ask yourself, “Do I REALLY need this?”


  • Sales rack

If you do need it then head to the sales rack first!  When I need clothes I usually head to Old Navy, Wal-Mart or JC Penny’s.  I also scope out the sales racks first!  And I use an awesome app on my phone to see if there are any coupons available at Retail Me Not.  If you have a smart phone, get the free app!


  • Don’t forget Yard Sales, Goodwill and your local resale stores

These are great places to get clothes, especially kids clothes!!  ALL of my kid’s clothes when they were younger came from these places or where hand me downs.  So many people go overboard on spending crazy amounts of money on their kids’ clothes.  My kids were happy in hand me downs and yard sale finds!


  • Keep it basic

Buy simple, basic pieces of clothes instead of the trendy and bold choices.  With a simple solid shirt and pants you can wear a statement necklace or add a scarf for an updated look.  This allows you to wear the same outfit for several purposes and add a different twist to it for cheap.


  • End of season

Plan ahead!  Do you NEED a winter coat? A swim suit?  Hit up the end of the season deals so you can save the most!  Plus, your closet is all cleaned out so you will have plenty of room to store it until you need it!


Share a money saving tip you use when clothes shopping.