It’s me JAMIE!

I went through the steps just like everyone else…..almost. I graduated from High School….. while pregnant. But that didn’t derail my plans! While my high school sweetheart was away at college. I was at home with a new baby and enrolling into a private college to begin my education as a Elementary School teacher. This was the time before everyone in the universe had the internet readily available to them at any moment. (Those of you 30 and under probably have no idea what I am talking about… is kind of like walking to school 10 miles in the snow up hill both ways…)

SO, I made it through college taking my baby to the library with me, looking up periodicals and using the card catalog. And then a couple years later I married my high school sweetheart…..and it all was happily ever after!!!

WELL…… the family part sure was happily ever after but many changes laid ahead on my employment. After teaching for several years, my husband and I decided to start an insulation contracting business. We found we are entrepreneurs at heart! I decided to quit teaching Kindergarten. People thought I was full blown crazy!!! My husband and I ran the contracting business successfully and still do.

BUT….that wasn’t enough for us crazy people…. we bought a bar!! Now that is just NUTS! Well, we are not the bar owning type so that didn’t last long… Sold the bar and now we defiantly are living happily ever after!! Add in 2 more kids (now teenagers) and 41 acres of our wooded, peaceful homestead and we are living the good life!

Join me as I blog about living the essential life and doing without the rest.

Blessings, Jamie

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