The majority of household cleaners contain toxic chemicals.  Did you know YOU CAN have a clean home without the toxins?

Here is a list of the supplies I like to have handy when making my homemade cleaners.  A bonus is you can save money when you buy these items in bulk!

I would also recommend grabbing some spray bottles and containers to store your new cleaning supplies in.  I found some great jars in my recycling bin!  You could also hit up the Goodwill or local resale shop to see what they have!

After you have gathered all your supplies it is time to get mixing and make your new cleaning products.  Here are a few receipes to get you started:

Here are a few quick tips I use to keep my house smelling fresh & clean naturally:

  •  add a cotton ball with 2 drops lemon essential oil to the bottom of the trash can
  • mix 1 box of baking soda with 20 -30 drops of your favorite essential oil and sprinkle on carpet, wait 30 minutes and vaccuum
  • add 2 -3 drops lemon essential oil to the dishwasher for spot- free dishes
  • ditch the fake/toxic air fresheners and use a diffuser (don’t have a diffuser? email me to get one)
  • use lemon essential oil to wipe away greasy spots in the kitchen

Have you ditched the toxic cleaners? Let me know if you have a favorite natural cleaning recipe you love!