You will not believe how easy this homemade goat milk cheese is to make!  Thankfully you can make small batches and don’t need a ton of goat milk.  Right now I am milking only one doe and she gives me about one pint each morning.  Hopefully this Spring I will be milking two of my Nigerian Dwarfs and have some extra milk to make more fun and yummy things like: ice cream, goat milk fudge more soap and more soap!   Here is a pic of my milker Daisy!  Isn’t she adorable!


On to the things you really care about, like this recipe…..


Soft Vinegar Goat Cheese


1 to 2 quarts of goat milk.  I use fresh raw goat milk straight but you could try this recipe with store bought

½ cup white vinegar

Butter muslin (much thicker than cheesecloth and reusable) you can find this at fabric stores

Heat the milk slowly in a stainless pot to 100 degrees.  Be sure to heat it slowly, so it doesn’t scald!

Remove pot from heat.

Drizzle in the ½ cup of white vinegar.

Cover the pot and let sit undisturbed overnight or for approximately 12 hours.

After 12 hours lay butter muslin in colander and have rubber bands handy.

Use a slotted spoon to scoop out the curds of goat milk and leave the whey behind.

Collect all the curds in the butter muslin and use rubber band to secure.

Then hang the curds from a cabinet and let the whey drip into a pan.  This should drip over night or for approximately 12 hours.

Once all whey has been drained you can mix in herbs and spices into the curds or eat plain.  I love to mix in a little garlic and herbs and eat on crackers or spread on homemade bread.   A homemade grilled cheese sandwich with homemade bread is one of my favorite ways to eat this yummy cheese!

Let me know if you plan to try this recipe!