Looking for a fun, cheap and easy way to entertain friends? I have the perfect suggestions for you wine drinkers!


What is a gaudy wine party, you might ask?? It is the perfect excuse to drink lots of wine and dress up in your wild and most outrageous outfit.

So how do you have your own GAUDY WINE PARTY?  Here are the steps…

#1 SET a date, location and invite your friends & family.  5 to 10 people is a great number of guest!

#2 MAKE cute invitations, if you are super crafty or just set up a Facebook event and invite your friends the easy way (that’s what I did)   Make sure your guest know the details and what to bring to the P-A-R-T-Y!

Here’s an example:

You are invited to a GAUDY WINE PARTY!  What is a GAUDY WINE PARTY you might ask??

This is the kind of party where you break out your gaudiest outfit!  Think: loud, bold, outrageous, cheap and tacky!  Don’t have those kind of kicks in your closet?  Then make a trip to Goodwill or hit up your Grandma’s closet and you are sure to find something that fits the gaudy mold.

But wait….This party isn’t all about the outfit it’s about drinking wine too!  Bring TWO bottles of your favorite wine for our blind taste test.  Make sure to bring your bottles in brown paper bags so no one sees which wine you bring!

One of the bottles will be used for our blind taste test the other bottle will go into the prize basket.  The person who brought the winning wine will go home with the prize basket full of wine.  Now talk about an amazing prize!!


#3 PLAN food for your party.  I choose to have quick and easy finger foods and snacks.  Think: cheese, crackers, salami, veggies and fruit.  If you want to get creative head over to my Pinterest board to check out some pretty cool food ideas!

#4 PRINT off scorecards for your guest to use when voting for their favorite wine.  I used these scorecards.

#5 NOW it’s party time!  Everyone is dressed in their tackiest, gaudiest clothes and ready to have fun!  Have extra brown paper bags in case someone doesn’t bring their wine covered.  When guest arrive take one of their wine bottles and put in the prize basket and number the other wine bottle.  Set the numbered wine bottles on the table or counter for the blind taste test.

#6  DRINK UP!  My sister gave a brief wine etiquette chat so we could properly taste each of the wines.  Then we passed out scorecards and started drinking!


#7 TALLY up!  After everyone has voted tally up all the scorecards and see who the winner is!

I hope you have your own GAUDY WINE PARTY!  AND please post pictures for us and let us know who won with best wine!

I will let you know that the winner of our party was the cheapest wine on the table!