It had been 6 months since I was last able to hug my oldest, Rebekah.  Six months is easy!  I once went 19 months without seeing her… THAT IS HARD!!  She is now stationed state side so hubby and I were able take a long weekend and make the 13 hour drive to visit our favorite Sailor!

If you follow my blog at all you know I am pretty frugal.  So of course I packed up a cooler full of meals and snacks for us to eat during our trip.  We stopped for lunch in this abandon Mc Donald’s parking lot.  Have you ever seen a Micky D’s that has closed it’s doors?  I hadn’t!

We have been keeping her dog, Barbossa, until she is able to get housing approval.  So of course we HAD to take her dog with us for the visit.  He did wonderful on the drive and was SO HAPPY to see Rebekah!  I think Rebekah may have been happier to see Barbossa than to see her parents 🙂

Rebekah took us on a tour of the USS Wisconsin. It is HUGE!  I would be lost in no time! We also went on a boat tour to see all the ships in port.  We were so lucky to see an aircraft carrier pulling into port.  It was amazing to see all of the Sailors lined on the deck in their dress whites while their family was at shore waiting for the ship to dock.   It was a beautiful sight!

Everyone has to do something new while on vacation so I tried sushi!  We went to a fun all you can eat sushi place and had a great time meeting some of Rebekah’s friends.  The sushi was much better than I expected but I think I will stick with Mexican as my favorite go out to eat food!

After 4 days of seeing the world that Rebekah is living in now we were ready to get back home to our teens and our goats.  Thankfully it won’t be 6 months of waiting to see Rebekah again.. she plans to be home for Christmas 🙂

What was something new you did last week?  I would love to hear!